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pedicular osteosynthesis Surgical treatment of sacral fractures:  after general anesthesia, the patients were placed in prone position with posterior midline incision, pedicular screws were inserted in the pedicle of l 4 and l 5, bilaterally (four points fixation in proximal)  (n = 2), triangular osteosynthesis with (n = 4) or without (n = 1) transsacral plating they.

Management of fractures of the pedicle after instrumentation with transpedicular screws a report of three patients f lattig, t f fekete, d jeszenszky from the schulthess clinic, zürich, a technique for a pedicular osteosynthesis using cerclage-wire fixation for a fractured management of fractures of the pedicle. Find your pedicle screw easily amongst the 66 products from the leading brands (b braun, stryker, precision spine, ) this spinal osteosynthesis unit has been developed to provide more information polyaxial pedicle screw reed polyaxial reduction screw make a request trans-pedicular screw system for mono and. Abstract: the invention relates to a spinal osteosynthesis system comprising a pedicular screw 1 equipped with two threads, namely a pedicular thread 2. Acta ortop bras 13(1) - 2005 7 arthrodesis review with grafting and repla-cement of synthesis material discussion osteosynthesis with pedicular screws. Fusion with pedicular osteosynthesis is indicated for the treatment of macroscopic instability and in fusions which are extended to more than two intervertebral segments language: english: pages: 69-79: number of pages: 11: malaguti, c monti, c giunti, a/ posterolateral spinal fusion : a study of 123 cases with a long-term.

A posterior spinal osteosynthesis device comprising by contrast, if the vertebra must additionally turn about itself, the surgeon places a second transverse pedicular hook on the other side of the pedicle, with a connection rod passing through the two hooks, which reduces the risk of these sliding the fact remains, however, that this risk exists. Consult kisco international's entire odalys catalogue on medicalexpo page: 1/24 the online medical device exhibition exhibit with us functional instrumentation makes it possible to satisfy the majority of indications for thoraco-lumbar osteosynthesis by a posterior approach monoaxial, polyaxial, sponsylolisthesis screw, cross-link:. Ko-317o romeo posterior osteosynthesis system is intende to provide immobilization and stabilization of spinal segments in skeletally mature patients as an.

Discuss classifications a — human necessities a61 — medical or veterinary science hygiene a61b — diagnosis surgery identification a61b17/00 — surgical instruments. A total of 40 patients affected with lumbosacral degenerative pathology and submitted to pedicular synthesis and laminectomy were followed-up. Ostéosynthèse postérieure du rachis dorso-lombo-sacré posterior osteosynthesis of the sacro-thoraco-lumbar spine vis pédiculaires polyaxiales polyaxial pedicular screws diameter 5mm lg : 35mm lg : 40mm lg : 45mm barres longitudinales dia 5mm longitudinal bars – dia 5mm réf.

Augmented osteosynthesis with tensor fascia latae muscle pedicle bone grafting in neglected femoral neck fracture. Dynamic posterior osteosynthesis system (dynamic rods and polyaxial pedicular screws) estimated amount in euros ht per period. Acta ortopédica brasileira print version issn 1413-7852on-line version issn 1809-4406 as for the synthesis material pedicular screw ao was used in one patient (47%), the cotrel-dubousset horizon instrumentation was used in one patient osteosynthesis with pedicular screws associated with arthrodesis for treatment of. 21-07-1998 pedicle screw system for osteosynthesis united states patent 5782833 abstract: a pedicle screw assembly 10 pedicular screw clamp: 1994-09-06: frigg: 606/61: 5261907: interconnecting device able to lock spinal osteosynthesis fasteners: 1993-11-16: vignaud et al 606/60: the present invention relates to the medical. Odalys posterior thoraco-lumbar osteosynthesis system instructions for use 1 purpose of medical device the odalys system makes it possible to perform thoraco-lumbar osteosynthesis by posterior approach 2 indications degenerative spondylolisthesis spinal stenosis vertebral instability (degenerative.

The advent of new percutaneous pedicular osteosynthesis instrumentation, with uniaxial screws, cremer c, otten p, jakob rp prospective study of standalone balloon kyphoplasty with calcium phosphate cement augmentation in traumatic fractures eur spine j 2007 16-5 : 601-610 fuentes bs, metellus p de giorgi g, solarino g. A case of cerebro-spinal fluid leakage occurring after the removal of a pedicular screw is reported it allowed emphasizing the frequency of the dural tears in spinal surgery, leakage of cerebro-spinal fluid after removal of a pedicular screw authors authors and affiliations jean legaye email author case report the removal of the. The vertebral osteosynthesis equipment according to the aforementioned prior art documents have the disadvantage of not being very easy to implement as implants due to the fact that the connection pieces and the mating component pieces are to be set in place and positioned one after another, such as pedicular screws or laminar. Review of 50 cases of fracture thoracolumbar spine treated ajit p swamy, et al 40 sebha medical journal, vol 8(2), 2009 review of 50 cases of fracture thoracolumbar spine treated with pedicular screw fixation ajit p swamy, amit p swamy, abstract: 50 patients of thoracolumbar fracture underwent pedicular screw.

The study design includes prospective evaluation of percutaneous osteosynthesis associated with cement kyphoplasty on 18 percutaneous kyphoplasty and pedicle screw fixation for the management of thoraco-lumbar burst fractures authors authors and affiliations stéphane all surgical interventions, pedicular screw stabilization is. Posterior osteosynthesis of a spontaneous bilateral pedicle fracture of the lumbar spine sang-hyun han, md, seung-jae hyun, md, phd, tae-ahn jahng, md, leading to contralateral pedicular stress fracture and unstable spondylolisthesis: a case report spine (phila pa 1976) 25:895–898, 2000 posterior osteosynthesis of a.

Trade name: pedicular gauge screw: product code: 22mes01: manufacturer of the medical device: scient'x: vat number: 95348366733: category name: instruments for insertion and extraction of osteosynthesis devices. Rachis spine osteosynthese rachidienne rodlock - implants spinal osteosynthesis rodlock - implants vis pediculaires et vis de verrouillage pedicular screws and. Lumbosacral fusion with pedicular screw plating instrumentation a 1 0-year follow-up raymond roy-camille, jean-pierre benazet, jean pierre desauge and franqois kuntz - propose an osteosynthesis based on a concept of plates and pedicular screws in order to pro- tect the graft (24, 33, 34, 35) in our study, the fusion rate was 95. Connection device for osteosynthesis the present invention provides a usable connection device in surgical instrumentation of the spine it relates more particularly to a device adapted to perform the connection between pedicular screw or a vertebral joint and support rod for holding the spine in a given alignment.

pedicular osteosynthesis Surgical treatment of sacral fractures:  after general anesthesia, the patients were placed in prone position with posterior midline incision, pedicular screws were inserted in the pedicle of l 4 and l 5, bilaterally (four points fixation in proximal)  (n = 2), triangular osteosynthesis with (n = 4) or without (n = 1) transsacral plating they.
Pedicular osteosynthesis
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